New Mooer Products for the New Decade

Muso City is now stocking the entire onslaught of new arrivals for 2020 coming out of Mooer Audio!


GE 250 Multi Effects and Amp Modeller

A new addition to Mooer’s range of multi effects and amp modellers, is the GE250. Offering higher-quality IR support and more features than its little brother the GE200, the GE250 fills the gap in MOOER’s GE Series.

The GE250 offers many of the same features expected from a GE multi-effects unit such as 70 digital amp models, over 180 different effects, customizable effects chain, drum machine, metronome, 70-second looper, and easily customizable and storable presets. It even borrows some features from the GE300 such as Tone Capture to create your own digital amp models. MIDI IN/OUT, easy FX LOOP integration and low-latency USB audio support make it suitable for live performance or recording directly to a PC.


E7 Synthesizer

E7 Polyphonic Guitar Synth Pedal is the first of many new additions to Mooer's New Micro series. E7 can transform your guitar into a typical electronic synthesizer, without the need for special pickups or instrument modifications. It is named as E7, for its seven different MOOER custom synthesizer tones. Each tone with an individual arpeggiator, high/low frequency cut, attack, speed function, allow users to shape the tone in their mind easily.

Endlessly expand on the capabilities of an electronic synthesizer and explore the horizons of tone with the Mooer E7.


A7 Ambience

The A7 Ambiance pedal perfectly demonstrates Mooer's innovation in reverb technology. This sparkling gem features seven different reverb effects catering to the far-out guitar astronauts and the psychedelic space cadets. Go to infinity and beyond with the “Infinite Trail” fade out or keep things brief with the traditional “Trail On” feature. The shimmering blue finish also adds a bit of sparkly flare to any pedal setup.


D7 Delay

The D7 Delay is the redesigned multi-delay effects pedal of The New Micro Series. Using the 7 signature LED lights as a guide, this pedal houses 6 customisable digital delay effects with the seventh LED indicating the built-in LOOPER that can be used in tandem with any delay setting. Like the other pedals in the series, all of these effects are easily digitally customised and stored. Tap Tempo functionality allows you to easily set the desired delay timing and of course, with the “Trail On” feature delay effects fade out naturally and organically.



Shadow Series 75 & 30

The ‘Shadow’ amplifier series is a blend of Mooer's famous digital preamp technology with traditional solid-state Class A/B amplification techniques, which delivers professional 'tube like' performance, touch and feel, at incredibly affordable prices.

Each model in the ‘Shadow’ series comes fully loaded with a whole host of special features and effects that provide everything you need to craft incredible guitar tones. These effects can be stored within 40 preset slots and easily recalled using the proprietary wireless footswitch.

The ‘Shadow’ range of amplifiers house custom-built guitar speakers designed to deliver rich harmonies and enhanced feel with clarity, articulation and dynamics throughout the amplifiers full volume range.

Mooer’s ‘Shadow’ series of modelling amplifiers are currently available in both 30 & 75 watt combos.


White Hornet

Joining its retro-styled, diminutive modelling amp companion, Mooer has made the incredibly popular Hornet amplifier now available in white.

Don’t be fooled by its exterior, inside the Hornet is a ground breaking modelling amplifier capable of producing incredible tones previously unheard of in a combo this size.

Via the selector switch on the front of the amplifier you can easily choose from nine painstakingly recreated classic amplifier models spanning almost any genre of music. In addition to the breathtaking amplifier modelling, the Hornet features master volume, gain and traditional three band tone controls, as well as modulation and delay effects with independent tap tempo, reverb, in-built tuner, headphone output, AUX IN, Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to save and recall presets.

The Hornet can be powered via the supplied 18v supply or the Mooer Power Bank S10 rechargeable battery power supply to create the ultimate compact battery powered amplifier.


GE 150 Multi Effects and Amp Modeller

The GE150 comes packed with 55 High-quality amp models and 151 different effects, a straight forward and intuitive UI, topped off with a fully-functioning expression pedal. With OTG (On-The-Go) capabilities, users can record directly into a compatible device from anywhere!

CT-01 Clip-On Guitar & Bass Tuner

Lastly, Muso City is currently stocking the latest ‘easy to use’ and understated clip-on tuner by Mooer.  

The MOOER CT-01 features fast and accurate tuning, a bright and colorful display, and is suitable for guitar and bass guitar tuning in any situation. A straightforward and intuitive UI and mechanical clip allows users to tune quickly and comfortably, without having to worry about the tuner being in a wrong or hard to read position. 


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