New Crown Keyboards!

Muso City's latest arrival of stock includes Crown's new range of  keyboards! 

This new series of portable keyboards from Crown blends intuitive design and modern functionality, for players of all skill levels to enjoy. As well as featuring simple assembly and operation, each model is loaded with a unique variety of programs, rhythms and effects.




Featuring 54 keys, 300 digitally sampled voices, 300 rhythm styles, a 50 song demo gallery, as well as two training courses, the CK-25 Crown 54 Key Multi-Function Electronic Portable Keyboard is a fantastic choice for novice players looking to start their musical journey or intermediate players wanting to develop their skills.  






For those players wanting to experiment with MIDI control and composition, the Crown 49 Key MIDI USB Keyboard Controller is a fantastic choice. This modestly priced MIDI controller features an assignable slider pedal, pitch bend and modulation wheels, dual sound banks, adjustable keyboard velocity, as well as PC Upload and Download via USB (Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS).





The new 61-note Crown keyboards have not only an understated and  minimalist style, but have also expanded functionality that includes many new features that players have come to expect from contemporary keyboards.

The CK-63 Crown 61 Key Multi-Function Electronic Portable Keyboard comes loaded with hundreds of digitally sampled voices and demo songs, as well as teaching, transposing, vibrato and sustain functionality. Not only that, but the CK-63 also features USB & MP3 compatibility, making it easier than ever to plug in and play along with your favourite tracks! 





The CK-68 Crown 61 Key Multi-Function Electronic Portable Keyboard is in many ways similar to the CK-63; both in aesthetic and on-board functionality. However, the CK-68 also features a MIDI output, for those looking to experiment with MIDI composition. Not to to mention, its USB and MP3 functionality, expansive sampled voice and demo song gallery, as well as featuring a mic and headphone output.  





The flagship of Crown's new range, the CK-86 61 Key Multi-Function Electronic Portable Keyboard is a perfect blend of simple 'plug in and play' experience, mixed with a variety of modern functionality. The CK-86 features USB to Host for PC Compatibility, making simple desktop recording easier than ever for aspiring composers.

As well as being a fantastic choice for players wanting to develop their skills or experiment with PC composition and recording, the Crown CK-86 also features a wide variety introductory teaching, record, style and chord accompaniment functions, for those who are eager to learn!  




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