Clark Supernatural Pickup & Power Preamp

The last decade has seen some truly ground breaking innovations in preamp technology. For many, the most exciting advances in live performance have been the development of acoustic amplification.

Acoustic guitars have presented players with a complex predicament for years, as the unique voice and tonal qualities of acoustics are often lost in the mix of electronic amplification.

Enter, The Supernatural Pickup & Power Preamp.  Brad Clark of Cole Clark and Maton fame and preeminent figure in Australian guitar manufacturing has been developing this specialised, ‘new generation’ pickup system that is quickly rendering the old standards obsolete.  

The Supernatural pickup system was developed to overcome the limitations of traditional analogue pickup systems, and create a pickup that accurately reproduces the tonal complexity of acoustic guitars – resulting in an amplified tone so natural, it’s supernatural.

Unlike traditional single piezo pickup systems, the Supernatural pickup utilises six large cylindrical piezos mounted under the bridge plate, allowing the guitars individual “woody” tonal characteristics to be accurately reproduced. Each Supernatural pickup is tuned using specialty EQ filters which take into account the guitars body shape, timbers and finish, resulting in four unique and easily accessible “soundscapes”.

In addition to the pre-programmed soundscapes, Supernatural pickups feature four independent sliders, each slider providing users with control over a section of the analogue 3-Band graphic EQ (bass, mid-range and top end), and master volume.

Muso City is currently stocking a variety of guitars with Supernatural preamps on board. These include the entire Tokai Terra Nova range; a stunning acoustic series that features a wide variety of unique tonal characteristics that benefit greatly from the Supernatural’s expressive EQ soundscapes.

 To browse the entire Tokai Terra Nova range, Click HERE. 

As well as the Terra Nova range, Timberidge Classical Guitars now feature the Supernatural Pickup Preamp. These exceptionally well crafted classical guitars harken back to an era of traditional feel and pure nylon tone, and benefit greatly from an amplified tone that doesn't sacrifice these qualities

To browse the entire range of Timberidge Classical Guitars, Click HERE. 

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