XHL Utility and Instrument Cases

If you’re a gigging musician or live sound engineer, then you know the importance of weather sealed and impact resistant hard cases for protecting your valuable equipment.
Unfortunately, for a very long time high quality hard cases like this have been cost prohibitive for amateurs and hobbyists, and even many professionals.
This is where XHL hard cases come in.

XHL open

XHL cases are a professional grade injection-moulded impact resistant, waterproof and dustproof hard case, perfect for transporting your equipment or valuables.
Each XHL case features XHL designed and patented advanced security latch systems, ergonomic grip handles, gasket-sealed IP67 watertight design resistant to impact and corrosion, and an automatic air pressure equalisation valve – ensuring maximum protection in just about any transport scenario.

XHL latch

XHL’s impact resistant and weather sealed design is only part of the incredible protection offered by these hard cases. All XHL utility cases also come with picking foam, offering the ultimate customisation of your cases internal padding and equipment layout.

XHL foam

Available in a range of shapes, sizes and styles, including instrument and cymbal cases; XHL utility cases aren’t just great for musicians and audio engineers, but are the smart choice for safely transporting almost anything!

XHL group

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