Tokai Legacy Relic Guitars

If you’re like us, you’ve got a bit of a soft spot for the looks of a heavily used fifty year old instrument… but you want it now, right? Not in another fifty years!
That’s where the Tokai Legacy heavy relics come in!

The all new Tokai Legacy 'Relic' range of electric guitars provide players from all walks of life with the chance to experience high quality affordable instruments which emulate the look and feel of a well-loved vintage instrument.

Tokai Legacy TL

Every Tokai Legacy ‘Relic’ guitar is individually hand aged, ensuring no two are exactly the same.
In an attempt to make these instruments appear as authentic as possible, small details such as headstock cigarette burns, worn hardware plating and plastic discolouration are present on each guitar; just as they would appear on instruments used over many years in bars and clubs.

Tokai Legacy ST

So, they look the part, but how do they sound?
To our ears, the Tokai legacy ‘Relic’ guitars are articulate, with the sparkle and “spank” of the vintage instruments they pay homage to.
Featuring basswood body, Canadian maple neck with kabukalli fingerboard, 60's style medium profile neck, aged hardware and hand applied relic finish, there’s nothing quite like a Tokai Legacy ‘Relic’ when it comes to bang for buck!

Click HERE to view the Tokai Legacy 'Relic' range.

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