Tokai Vintage Series Basses

Here at Muso City, there's nothing we like more than receiving exciting new stock, and it doesn't get more exciting than the Tokai Japan 'Vintage' series basses we just got our hands on!
First of all, the build quality of Tokai instruments is second of none. From the impeccably cut and shaped nut, to the crystal like finish, the moment you pickup a Japanese Tokai there's a sense of quality which can't be accurately put into words. The highly refined neck feels as though it was shaped for you hand, and your hand only; with fretwork to rival guitars costing twice to three times the price. You get a sense that every Tokai bass is infused with the pride and conviction of the small, but dedicated team of craftsmen who create these beautiful instruments.
Now, you might be thinking "that's all well and good, but how do they sound?", to which we'd answer - sublime. There's a clarity and punch exhibited by Tokai basses that is hard to find from other manufacturers, but perhaps the most impressive aspect of all is the uniformity of tone. Sure, each bass posses individual tonal qualities that makes it unique, but the tonal consistency and excellence of a Tokai instrument is unparalleled.
What are you waiting for? Check out the latest Tokai 'Vintage' series basses now, because extremely limited quantities are available, so act fast!

Click here to view Tokai Japan 'Vintage' series basses.

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