Kahzan Vintage Series Cymbals

Cymbals, like almost everything in life, are incredibly subjective - and just like life, in music the most incredible moments are often truly individual. This is why when choosing cymbals, many drummers and percussionists seek the indescribable "personality" you can only get from a hand-cast cymbal; and this is what makes the Kahzan Vintage series cymbals so special.
Each cymbal is crafted using century old Chinese techniques, producing cymbals with wonderful musicality and enchanting personality. This method of production ensures there are no carbon copies; no two cymbals will be exactly the same. Your music and tonal signature will be as individual as your performance, and that's what music is all about.

The Kahzan vintage series is available now in a huge range of sizes, from 8" splashes to 20" rides, and everything in-between! So come in-store and see us, or grab some cymbals online - you'll be glad you did!

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