New Product Arrival & Review - Mooer 'Radar' Speaker Cabinet Simulator - RRP $259

New at Muso City is the amazing Mooer ‘Radar’ Speaker Cabinet Simulator micro pedal – rrp $259

Firstly, this pedal is actually really cool! It more than exceeded my expectations and sounded really realistic.

How you best utilise this guy is by putting it at the end of our pedal chain when in the studio plugging directly into your recording device. You can also use this live or with your guitar amp to give you different tones, but the effect isn’t quite as noticeable.

Basically, it has a few stages that you can customise to your liking. These are;

Power - choose the tubes, gain, volume, presence 

Cab – Choose your cab. There’s a great selection of all the classic configurations here from a single 12” up to 8x10” for the bassists. In this setting you can also choose which mic to simulate (the SM58 and SM57 are spot on!) plus choose the positioning of the mic. I think this feature alone is incredible and rivals that of some very expensive larger format processors.

EQ -  A very comprehensive EQ stage so you can really tweak your tone. I really like that there’s a different EQ for guitar and bass so you can really dial in those bass lows and get the most punch out of your instrument.

Other points - Has a really handy headphone/second line out, easy and logical to use, heavy duty rotary knob, 30 saveable pre-sets....and much much more.

All in all, I think this is Mooer’s most usable & professional pedal to hit the Australian market. I honestly think that ever guitarist laying down demos in their bedroom or wanting a decent headphone mix for practicing guitar should own one of these babies. Pair this up with a Mooer Preamp series pedal and you’re pulling a RIDICULOUSLY REALISTIC sound in any studio.




 Here's a YouTube Review By Ola Englund.

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