Tokai Vintage Series Guitars

There are a lot of very well manufactured guitars available on the market these days, but very few approach the remarkable craftsmanship and musicality of Tokai guitars. Tokai Gakki has been manufacturing musical instruments since 1947 and burst onto the international music radar in the late 70's, instantly becoming a hit with their high quality 1950's American electric guitar replicas.
The Tokai Vintage series is the result of over 40 years of refinement, combining traditional construction and details, with the precision and control of modern manufacturing methods. However, perhaps Tokai's most impressive achievement is their ability to retain a guitars individuality while creating instruments with unsurpassed finish and playability.
Due to Tokai Gakki's obsession with quality there are very limited numbers of guitars produced per year, making these instruments quite rare on the Japanese domestic market, and incredibly rare outside of Japan.

Now for the good news...
We've just received stock of the 2018 Tokai Vintage series, and every single one is absolutely breathtaking! Come in today and check out these incredible instruments, but keep in mind there are limited numbers; so don't wait too long, because we all know "the early bird gets the worm"! 
Or in this case the beautiful and rare guitar...

Price start from $1,699.00 including a deluxe hard-case.

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