Strauss Legacy Amplifiers

Recently we were lucky enough to get our hands on the Strauss Legacy range of amplifiers, and we're very excited to offer these great solid-state amps online and in-store!
Strauss is a name with a significant amount of history within Australia. From humble beginnings in 1962, Strauss were quickly providing some of the biggest names in Australian rock music with incredible amplifiers; such as the monstrous 300 Watt 'Warrior' model.
Sadly, Strauss ceased production in 1973; but it wouldn't be the end for this iconic Australian brand.
Since Strauss's closure in 1973, they have returned under new management; following in the footsteps of the original company by providing the Australian market with high quality affordable amplifiers. 
Strauss's new Legacy range is perfect for anyone who wants a great sounding amp that won't break the bank. The Legacy range really impresses with its confidence inspiring cabinet construction, and tone which competes with amplifiers twice the price - this is due to the high quality analogue solid-state design. There's no digital tricks here!
Oh, and did we mention that the models featuring reverb come with real spring reverb!? That's right, now you can get that classic spring soaked tone in an affordable solid-state practice amp!
Available in a huge selection of guitar and bass amplifiers: from 15 Watt neighbour friendly practice amps to 50 Watt stage ready rockers, there's a Strauss Legacy that's perfect for you!

Check out some of the classic tones these amps are capable of in the video below, and see the full range here!

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