New Strauss SVT Amplifiers

It’s been a little while since Strauss Amplifiers last released a new range of tube amps, but with the introduction of the new SVT series that’s all changed!
We’ve received the new Strauss SVT-10 and SVT-15; two fantastic compact tube combos that are aimed at meeting the needs of modern players not willing to sacrifice tube tone, but don’t need the headroom of larger output amplifiers.


The SVT-10 is a 10 watt two channel practice combo, powered by a single 6L6 and 12AX7. 
On the other hand, the SVT-15 utilises a more common dual EL84 and triple 12AX7 design and features a medium tank spring reverb.
After putting both of these great little amps through their paces, it became clear that the new small footprint SVT amps excel at both clean and overdriven tones at reasonable listening volumes thanks to the SVT-15’s individual master volume and gain controls, and the SVT-10’S switchable overdrive channel.


Sure, there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles on the new SVT series, but that’s not the point! The SVT series is about keeping it simple in a world that is becoming increasing complicated. 
While neither of these amplifiers is capable of keeping up with a heavy hitting drummer, they don’t have to be, as they excel at what they are designed for – tube tone at suburban friendly levels. 
So, if you’re in the market for a small footprint tube amp that’s ideal for the home or studio, the new Strauss SVT-10 and SVT-15 are the amps for you!

Click HERE to see the Strauss SVT range.

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