NEW Mooer Micro Series

Micro sized pedals have been the cornerstone of the Mooer brand for years, with their incredible range of effects encapsulating the 'good things come in small packages' ethos. 

This year, Mooer have redesigned their characteristic micro pedal formula to include more functionality and customisation for players; with a re-figured micro chassis which now features 7 LEDs, as well as added EQ and effects control. 


R7 Digital Reverb Micro PedalThe latest addition to Mooer's NEW Micro Series, is the R7 Digital Reverb Pedal, which delivers rich, classic reverb tones. Based on a brand-new set of unique reverb algorithms, the R7 packs 7 types of reverb effects from the “Church” to the “Cave”.

High and Low Cut controls allow users to trim redundant frequencies and shape the tone freely, while the built-in trail functions can be switched between normal mode and “Trail On” mode to allow effects to fade out naturally. Of course, each effect’s settings can be saved using the different preset slots so you never need to worry about losing that perfect tone!


E7 Polyphonic Guitar Synth Micro PedalThe E7 can transform your guitar into a typical electronic synthesizer, without the need for special pickups or instrument modifications.

Each setting features an individual arpeggiator, high/low frequency cut, attack, speed function, which allow users to shape their tone easily!


D7 Digital Delay Micro PedalThe D7 houses 6 customisable digital delay effects with the seventh LED indicating the built-in 150 second LOOPER!

Tap Tempo functionality allows you to easily set the desired delay timing and of course, with the “Trail On” feature delay effects fade out naturally and organically.


A7 Ambient Reverb Micro PedalThe A7 features seven different reverb effects catering to the far-out guitar astronauts and the psychedelic space cadets. Go to infinity and beyond with the “Infinite Trail” fade out or keep things brief with the traditional “Trail On” feature.


TONE CAPTURE GTR EQ Sampler Micro Pedal

The TONE CAPTURE Guitar pedal is based on MOOER’s unique EQ matching technology. This pedal allows you to capture any guitar’s tone by sampling the unique tonal characteristics of the target guitar.
The days of lugging around multiple guitars are over. The Tone Capture Guitar pedal opens up a variety of guitar sounds without the need to carry several guitars. Need 8 bars of acoustic? Don’t want to take your vintage strat to the gig? You can sample the unique tonal qualities of any of your guitars at home and carry them around with you in the compact TONE CAPTURE GTR pedal!
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