Kid's Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner and what better gift could Santa bring the kids than a cool new electric guitar, a vibrantly colourful keyboard, or thumping drum kit!

Here at Muso City, we have all musical kids’ Christmas gift needs in one place.     


Guitars and Bass



For new and budding guitarists, why not a Martinez ‘Slim Jim’ Guitar Pack?

These incredibly popular student guitars have a slimmer neck for smaller hands and come in a range of sizes for all ages. They also include a gig bag, strap and picks, everything a new player needs to start their musical journey.

Check out the entire ‘Slim Jim’ range here.


For those looking to make some noise, you can’t go wrong with a Casino Electric Guitar/Bass and Amplifier Pack.

Just like the ‘Slim Jims’, the Casino Electric Guitar and Bass packs include everything a young muso needs to get started. The Casino range features ‘ST’ and ‘TE’ style electric guitars in right and left handed configurations; the bass range includes ‘Tune’, ‘J’ and ‘P’ style basses in standard and short scale lengths, as well as left-handed models. When paired with the Casino amplifier of your choice, not only will the kids be ready to rock by Christmas morning, but the savings are huge!

Check out the entire Casino range of electric guitars here.




How about a colour-filled Christmas? Look no further than the Sanchez range of ‘Friendly Folk’ Soprano Ukuleles. These fantastic and affordable ukes are perfect both in size and aesthetic for the young and young at heart. At $49.95 including a nylon gig bag, you can’t go wrong!


Think a ukulele is on the right track, but wanting something a bit more serious? Muso City has you covered with an expansive selection of Mojo and Tiki ukuleles, which come in a range of sizes, tonewoods and accessories.

Browse the entire Muso City ukulele range here.



Keep that cavalcade of colour coming on Christmas, with Kool Keys range of Children’s Keyboards. These smaller keyboards are the perfect present for the little ones. They feature a range of tones, rhythms, drums and animal sounds, as well as a record and play function.

If you were after a keyboard for the older kids, we’ve got you covered with Crown’s range of touch-responsive keyboards. These feature 61 keys, digitally sampled rhythm styles, voices and percussion instruments, as well as a MIDID/USB connection for use with a computer as well as MIDI capable devices.

You can check out our entire range of keyboards here.




Have the kids thump away at Sonic Drive’s range of Junior Drum Kits. Available in 3-Piece and 5-Piece set ups and a range of colours, Sonic Drive Junior Drum Kits feature basswood drum shells that are also tuneable, making them the perfect start for a young beginner.

Browse Muso City’s entire range of drum kits here.




If you’d like to get the kids started on percussion without going straight for the full drum kit, then Drumfire’s range of hand percussion has got you covered. From traditional style bongos, congas and djembes to hand bells, castanets, claves, cabasas, maracas, guiros, cowbells, tambourines and metallaphones, there’s not a lot in terms of hand percussion that Muso City doesn’t have.

If you’re keen on a mix of instruments, also check out Drumfire’s Percussion Packs!

Browse the entire range of percussion instruments here.



If the kids are getting started on orchestral instrumental music at school, a new violin or cello might make an exciting new arrival on Christmas morning. Or if they’re more into brass and woodwind, why not get them a new Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Clarinet or Saxophone?

Steinhoff’s range of beginner student and intermediate instruments are impressively crafted and carefully inspected, regulated and articulated by an artisan instrument technician.

Browse the entire Steinhoff range of orchestral instruments here.


Need more ideas?

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