Checking in with QUINN (The New Guy)

Hi Musos! I’m Quinn and I’ll be holding down the fort here at Muso City.

I’m a guitarist from Queensland, which is probably enough for you to go on. I played in Hardcore Punk and Metal scenes back home, but have recently developed an unhealthy obsession with Americana, Outlaw Country, Irish Folk and traditional sea shanties. This has led many of those close to me (including my new employer) to implement a ‘Banjo Ban’ on me for the foreseeable future (so you should probably come and grab our Banjos I’ve had to discount to deprive me of the temptation).

I’ll be here at Muso City from Monday to Friday, handling all of your online enquiries and concerns, as well as providing in-store support to anyone who wants to pop in and try out an instrument or piece of equipment.

Drop by 42-44 Sheehan Road, Heidelberg West and pay me a visit,

Or you can call me on (03) 9457 8050 and email,

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