Martinez 'Flame Finish' Acoustic-Electric Roundback Cutaway Guitar (Transparent Black)

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The Martinez MRC-63-TBK 'Flame Finish' Acoustic-Electric Roundback Cutaway Guitar in Transparent Black is the ideal addition to anyone's guitar collection. This 'Ovation Style' guitar features a round back which dramatically enhances the guitar's projection, sustain, and frequency response. The gentle slope of the round back also ensures that even smaller guitarists will find this instrument extremely comfortable to hold and play.

This guitar sports a Flame finish Spruce top with sound-hole epaulettes, Natowood neck, Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, deluxe binding, and quality chrome diecast machine heads. Featuring a Martinez EQ-7547 pickup system with 4-band EQ  and ¼” output jack.

A fine instrument that combines state-of-the-art audio quality with exclusive features designed to meet the needs of all professional guitarists.