• Sonic Drive Cowbell, Mount Bracket & Bass Drum Pedal-SDP-CP-B6-Australia

Sonic Drive Cowbell, Mount Bracket & Bass Drum Pedal

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The Sonic Drive SDP-CP-B6 Mount Bracket & Bass Drum Pedal Set is a complete cowbell, mount bracket (also known as a Gajate bracket) and bass drum pedal package. If you are ready to experiment with adding different colours and grooves to your playing, then you will love this pack.

Comes complete with mount bracket, 6" cowbell, and bass drum pedal. The bracket is height adjustable so it will adjust to any size attachment. There are also anti-slip spikes attached to ensure the bracket remains firmly positioned. The pedal is double chain drive with contouring cam for quick response, and features a metal base plate for added stability, and a felt/ABS dual beater.

This package will will open your mind to new sounds and grooves.